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In order to succeed the mission, an entire crew works on the project tirelessly.




Summary of persons invlved in WOLF

Partner Name First name Current position Role & responsibilities in the project  (4 lines max) Involvement (person.month) throughout the project’s total duration
ONERA Fusco Thierry MR2[1] ANR Coordinator WP1 and 2 Coordinator 20p.month
ONERA Sauvage Jean-Francois IR WP2, WP3, WP4 12p.month
ONERA Petit Cyril IR  WP2, WP4 6p.month
ONERA Mugnier Laurent MR2 WP2 5p.month
ONERA Conan Jean-Marc MR1 WP4 5p.month
ONERA Janin-Potiron Pierre Post doc WP3 12p.month
ONERA Fauvarque Olivier PhD WP2 and WP3 36p.month
ONERA Chambouleyron Vincent PhD WP3 and  WP4 36p.month
LAM Neichel Benoit CR Local coordinator WP3 manager 20p.month
LAM El-Hadi Kacem IR WP3 10p.month
LAM Ferrari Marc Astronome WP1 4p.month
LAM Ballard Philippe IE WP3 4p.month
LAM Caillat Amandine IE WP3 4p.month
LAM Gach Jean-Luc IR WP2, WP3 5 p.month
LAM Le Mignant David IR WP3 5p.month
LAM Beuzit Jean-Luc DR WP2,WP4 4p.month
LAM Correia Carlos Chair d’excellence WP2,WP3 10p.month
LAM Brulé Yoann Post doc WP2 (LGS activities) 12p.month
LAM ANR Post doc   To be hired PhD WP3 and WP4 18p.month
LESIA Rousset Gérard Professeur Local coordinator WP4 manager 10 p.month
LESIA Gendron Eric Astronome Adjoint WP2 & 4 14 p.month
LESIA Vidal Fabrice IR WP4 6 p.month
LESIA Lapeyrère Vincent IR WP4 6 p.month
LESIA Sevin Arnaud IE WP4 4 p.month
LESIA Dembet Roderick IE WP4 4 p.month
LESIA Buey Tristan IR WP4 8 p.month
LESIA Perret Denis IE WP4 6 p.month
LESIA Chapron Frédéric IR WP4 4 p.month
LESIA Galland Nicolas Post doc WP3 and 4 18 p.month
LESIA                         Thijs Simone   IE WP4 4 p.months
LESIA Bertrou-Cantou Arielle Doc WP4 10 p.months
Durham Univ.[2] Morris Tim Professor WP4 5p.month
Durham Univ. Basden Alistair IR WP4 5p.month
INAF-Arcetri Esposito Simone Professor All WP (XAO activities) 4p.month
INAF-Arcetri Pina Enrico researcher WP3 4p.month
INAF-Arcetri Busoni Lorenzo IR WP3 4p.month
INAF-Padova Ragazzoni Roberto Professor All WP (LGS activities) 5p.month
INAF-Padova Viotto Valentina IR All WP (LGS activities) 4P.month

[1] IR, MR1 and 2 at ONERA are equivalent to IR1, CR1 and DR2 for the CNRS classification

[2] Durham Univ and INAF are associated partners. They do not directly receive funds from the ANR

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Thierry Fusco


ANR coordinator, WP1 and 2 Coordinator
Principal Investigator


Benoit Neichel


Local Coordinator


Jean-Francois Sauvage


Adaptive Optics Scientist ,
eXtreme AO applications and validations (WP2, 3)

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