[Research Tales] the Website birth – the Launch

How did this website see the light of day?

Everything started from a simple analysis : many ressources are deployed for the research, and some great innovations are developped, but no one knows them. Nowadays, Science is still purchasing its expansion, carried by unknown scientists. Even between the disciplins, it remains a lack of knowledge.

Since the growing interest of the population toward the domain, the transmission of the discoveries and make the advencies reachable are now part of the scientific’s missions.

The goal of anr-wolf.com is to inform every people awared by the astronomical instrumentation domain, the scientific community, and the project financers about the progresses made by the people regrouped behind the WOLF project.

In order to promote science improvements regarding the detection of exoplanets by a new generation of instruments, we will assure a consistent communication around the subject.

Conferences, new results, anecdotes, biographies, everything regarding WOLF can be find.

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